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To enable this input device, you need the Blackmagic Deck Link SDK and you need to configure with the appropriate If set to nonzero, an additional teletext stream will be captured from the vertical ancillary data.Both SD PAL (576i) and HD (1080i or 1080p) sources are supported. This option is a bitmask of the SD PAL VBI lines captured, specifically lines 6 to 22, and lines 318 to 335. Selected lines which do not contain teletext information will be ignored. Captures the KMS scanout framebuffer associated with a specified CRTC or plane as a DRM object that can be passed to other hardware functions.

The input name should be in the format: Set audio device buffer size in milliseconds (which can directly impact latency, depending on the device).

If the specified format is not supported, a list of available formats is given and the first one in this list is used instead.

Available pixel formats are: The decklink input device provides capture capabilities for Blackmagic Deck Link devices.

The stream has to be specified by the device name or the device index as shown by the device list.

Alternatively, the video and/or audio input device can be chosen by index using the Request the video device to use a specific pixel format.

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