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Contact me if you'd like to purchase more than one item from this grouping and I'll give you a discount.The first pattern Luftwaffe flight blouse (Fliegerbluse) was introduced in 1935 based on the original tunic which was designed for the DLV or Deutscher Luftsport Verband (German Air Sports League) personnel, the civilian predecessor to the German Air Force.

I considered listing all 3 articles together since they belonged to the same Luft vet, but I decided to list them separately knowing few collectors can afford the entire grouping.Schl." (Flieger Schule) clearly stamped below in large text.The Schirmmtze (visor cap) that was purchased with this tunic is stamped "Fliegerschule Magdeburg".This Luftwaffe field blouse or "Tarnjacke" is a 3/4 length outer garment simply constructed from a water proofed cotton duck material printed in the LW "Splinter B" pattern (Splittermuster 41) camouflage in shades of green, khaki, olive, brown, and tan.All 5 pebbled zinc buttons are still intact with a non adjustable belt across the back and 2 large flapless pockets on the front.

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