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Otherwise begin to work this person as we did above in the section about people who are already your friends on Facebook. 1) You can tell your friend what you are up to and ask them to suggest you as a friend or even send them a link to your profile saying “Check out this guy/gal. The first thing is to set up your profile the right way.He/she is single too and I think you guys have a lot in common. (Make sure your profile is cool before you do this.) 2) You can send a friend request with a message saying “You came up under my suggestions and we have 15 mutual friends in common. In addition to the things we mentioned above, make sure you have lots of pictures and friends.This will blow away people who are in a relationship or not interested for other reasons instantly. Bad because you will lose some people you may have been able to get with a lower gradient approach and good because if someone responds to your “comments” favorably you know they are interested.Now you might want to set up a more moderate profile.

Instead say you are looking for friends, networking, and state what your passions are.In either case, make sure you put down on your profile your interests, likes, music, books, etc.so a person with similar interests can connect with you.Asking for a phone call is a way to sort the “window shoppers” from the real deal.Another gradient before asking for a date is to take it off of Facebook in a non-date setting.

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