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She even spread lies about him so that Shinichi would notice her, but it seems he doesn't care at all.

Sonoko asked what charasteristic of Shinichi appealed her and she replied, "Let's see... I just thought he was an extraordinary rookie, making the team and becoming mid-fielder in his first year.

He first solves the case at the high school play, where they almost kissed, then takes Ran to a date at an expensive restaurant in attempt to propose to her.

Unfortunately, a case occurs at the restaraunt and Shinichi goes off to solve it. When Conan tries to explain that Shinichi left, and Ran tries to shut him out, Conan says that Shinichi said to "Wait for me.

And before I knew it, I was the manager of the soccer club and madly in love with him. The senpai continued, "He said shyly, 'Ah, sorry, senpai. This episode means that Shinichi's first love is Ran.

Although a certain person here succeeded on her first try." She looked at Ran and Ran asked, "Huh? I was being mean and gave you the wrong baking instructions." Ran got surprised and said, "What? I already have someone I've liked since I was little. Conan and Kogoro leave Ran and Sonoko together with the the Magic lovers club members.

She was knocked out by his wristwatch and was still holding his hand -Shinichi now as Conan- when she woke up. She planned on inviting Shinichi for a movie the night before his birthday, and with Moriya Teiji knowing about this, he decided to bomb the whole place aiming for Shinichi.

Inside the movie hall, Ran was trapped inside the collapsing building due to the numerous bombs placed, which alerted Conan and hurriedly went inside to try to save her.

On the final scene after the ending song, the senpai confessed to Ran and Sonoko that she was the one who confessed to Shinichi but got rejected.

This tastes like crap'." Ran apologized and said, "He just had a weird sense of taste." The senpai told her, "No. When I asked the others later, they told me they were just being polite.

So, I was mad and I baked a lemon pie everyday..three months, until he told me it's good. Do you want to know what he said after I confessed? " Sonoko covered his mouth and demand him to shut up. Isn't that..." Ran said, "I don't remember anyone like that." Sonoko and Conan sighed.

Although it's dangerous, Shinichi has given her a number to his cell phone for her to call when she wants to speak to him, and, as Conan, uses his bow tie to mimic his real voice and reassure her he's fine.

Shinichi doesn't dare tell Ran he's Conan as, until the Black Organisation is stopped, she could be in danger if she knew the truth (though Ran has almost caught on several times in the show)- also although Shinichi does love Ran, he has stopped himself from telling her about his feelings, as then she will miss him even more and he doesn't want to see her cry anymore, even if he is no longer in her heart (it is possible, however, that Shinichi hasn't really thought this last statement through, as even after this he's seen getting jealous and fending off any men who get close to her, proving he clearly _does_ care if someone else is in her heart instead of him).

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