Wu qi long dating

How could such vicious, senseless, or even worst, scurrilous words, be uttered on an occasion like this?Even though Wu Qi's description for Duke of Long Yang was true, but those were words that could not be uttered like this! Wearing a gloomy expression, Wu Qi did not give the pale-faced Duke of Long Yang a second look.I will use all the fief under my name in exchange for Great Yan Dynasty's support in that." With Lu Buwei and all his enemies staying in Ji city, the future situation of Wu Qi would become even more awkward.On top of that, Yu Qianqian, the girl who had the intention of marrying Wu Qi, was also residing in Ji City.

In the future, if Wu Qi could establish a new vassal kingdom to the east of Great Yan, together with Ye Zidou's Purple Leaf City, and the power of Heaven Breaking Sword Sect that supported Ye Zidou from behind, he should be able to have a sufficient power to protect himself.

It was an elegant experience for being able to spend a wonderful and pleasant night with Duke of Long Yang. Instead, he took a step forward and bowed at Yan Dan.

"Your Majesty, I've one request to make." said Wu Qi coldly, "After I kill Duke of Long Yang's disciple later, I wish to have your permission, as I would like to establish a kingdom on the shore of the Great Eastern Ocean.

And what came after monopoly were high profits, while high profits meant endless streams of wealth.

With all the wealth, he would be able to raise his own army, and with sufficient soldiers, he could then seek cultivators with promising potential, and slowly raise his own forces. If he kept staying in Ji City, he would have to suffer beating passively.

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