Winchester 30 30 saddle carbine serial number dating

Also, the numbers given by Kennedy, attributed to Madis, for 1951 - 1962 are those given by "Others," not Madis.

I regard the Winchester Polishing Room records as hearing from the horse's mouth, and think this May 2010 post bears repeating here: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * FWIW, Bert Hartman has been a Moderater on Gunbrokers "Ask the experts" for many years.

They do agree with the dates in Schwing, Pirkle (and most "Others") books & tables.

The differences are: 1894: 1674 (CFM); 14579 (attributed to Madis, really "Others" 14759 (actual Madis) Notice the transposing of the "57" and "75" in these dates? Then in 1933 the dates attributed by Kennedy to Madis start varying from what is published in his books, and by 1936 take a major deviation: 1933: 1092328 (CFM), 1089270 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,089,271 (actual Madis) 1934: 1095364 (CFM), 1091190 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,091,192 (actual Madis) 1935: 1099625 (CFM), 1099605 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,099,608 (actual Madis) 1936: 1119104 (CFM), 1100065 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,112,194 (actual Madis) 1937: 1158835 (CFM), 1100679 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,138,781 (actual Madis) 1938: 1198405 (CFM), 1100915 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,169,370 (actual Madis) 1939: 1216165 (CFM), 1101051 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,197,211 (actual Madis) 1940: 1259563 (CFM), 1142423 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,238,584 (actual Madis) 1941: 1313301 (CFM), 1191307 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,287,648 (actual Madis) 1942: 1343183 (CFM), 1221289 (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,317,830 (actual Madis) 1943: 1343190* (CFM), 1267741* (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,348,192 (actual Madis) 1944: 1343196 (CFM), 1314193* (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,378,554 (actual Madis) 1945: 1352066 (CFM), 1360645* (attributed to Madis, really "Others") 1,408,916 (actual Madis) *Some serial numbers produced during and after World War II were not recorded.

*** 1964 began with 2700000 and ended with 2797428. Website to Kennedy's Information The following Corrections to David Kennedy's data given about are submitted by: Texas [email protected]/10/2010 The information by David Kennedy and posted here are of great value to Winchester collectors and the following corrections should in no way take away from his valuable work.

He is now aware of this error and has not had time to make a correction.

The ramp front sight had become standard and the character of the true 1894 blurred.

Lately, there has been a lot of back and forth over exactly when a particular serial numbered gun was manufactured. The argument over the 1933-43 guns is of little consequence, as the '94 at that point, IMO, is on the margin of collector interest.

This is not due to the quality of work performed by Mr.

For all of the many people who collect the Model 1894/94, this information should be both very enlightening and useful, and I highly encourage everyone to save a copy of it. (162,568) 1:5 (22.80%) was a 38-55 (80,734) 1:9 (11.31%) was a 32-40 (40,023) 1:9 (10.45%) was a 25-35 W. By the end of the year 1935, Madis' published DOM list and the PRSRB records only differ by just (17) serial numbers (1099625 versus 1099608), but they rapidly begin to diverge in the ensuing years. Carbine - serial number 22967, 8-27-1902 (by serial number order) 32 W. Carbine - serial number 142889, 5-10-1902 (by date order) The above information should allow anyone with a letterable Model 1894 (serial 1 - 353999) to very closely estimate the DOM.

Production ratios for the first 353,999 Model 1894s made: 4:5 (78.19%) were Rifles (276,780) 1:5 (21.20%) were Saddle Ring Carbines (75,075) 1:2 (45.92%) was a 30 W. Winchester's production of the Model 94 averaged about 35,000 units per year for the next (7) years (1936-1942 inclusive), and once again, Madis’ published numbers diverge from the PRSRB records. For those who are interested in adding your Model 1894 to my database, please get in touch with me at [email protected], Winchester did not assemble any of the many different models in serial number order.

In: Winchester Firearms [Edit categories] [Improve] Answer You can contact the Records Office of Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

The Cody Firearms Museum holds the records of 3.5 million individual Winchester firearms and many LC Smith and Marlin firearms.

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