Wii shop channel without updating wii

The Nintendo Wii is probably the most hackable game console ever made.With little more than an SD card, the internet and some moxie, the old system can do, well, almost anything.After a download is complete, the new software appears on the Wii Menu as a channel.Software can be copied to SD cards or re-downloaded for free.Remember that standard definition video cable you found in the Wii's retail box? The Wii isn't a high-def game console, but that's no reason to settle for outmoded video input.Upgrading to component cables makes games noticeably sharper; just make sure you hop into your Wii's settings menu to enable 480p output.

Protip: If you have even a passing interest in Nintendo's Virtual Console, take a look at the Classic Controller Pro.Protip: If your TV is too hip for component cables, search out the Wii2HDMI dongle.It does exactly what it says it does: drags your Wii into the modern paradigm of home theater cabling.The Wii Shop Channel is the place Nintendo created to buy/download official software from the internet directly to your Wii.You can download lots of different content for your Wii, this includes new channels, Virtual Console games and Wiiware.

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