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She was given the nickname "Hanoi Jane" and seen as a traitor for her support of the North Vietnamese.

Fonda also fought for social causes, serving as a spokesperson on issues of civil rights and women's rights. The film explores the dynamics of a family during a visit to their summer home.

In the late 1960s, Fonda recreated herself as a type of sex kitten under the direction of her French filmmaker husband Roger Vadim.

This new look was most evident in the 1968 science fiction tale In addition to her acting, Fonda became an outspoken critic of the Vietnam War.

She launched an immensely successful series of aerobic-exercise videos..

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My metanoia falls into its simplest definition: I changed my mind -- from Ted Turner the iconoclastic billionaire to Ted Turner the eco-capitalist.

But we all -- especially those of us living in the rural west -- have access to some of the most amazing wild places on the planet.

I believe that deep wild experiences can cause metanoia (help us change our minds, spiritually transform, or self-heal) as they did with Ted Turner, turning the simple question of "how to turn my passion into work that makes me rich and happy" to "how can I use my passion to benefit life on earth?

Martin Sheen plays Fonda's husband, Robert, and Sam Waterston plays Tomlin's husband, Sol.

That year Fonda also delivered a standout performance alongside Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel in Fonda has been married three times—all of these unions ended in divorce.

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