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Really, with that water and the sand and the trees, it just was one of the most beautiful places that I had ever seen, and I was so thrilled that the studio was supportive of going there, because it’s in the middle of nowhere.BE: I mentioned Bowie a minute ago, but the choice of Billy Squier’s “Lonely is the Night” for the epic “Guitar Hero” battle was inspired.You know, we just wanted the same stuff, liked the same sports, and we just kept in touch and hung out a lot. I honestly haven’t heard much about it since we did it…not until you just brought it up. BE: Somewhere around here, I actually still have my original copy of the book. () That was really a pilot for a television series. I was on that short list of special clients, and every Christmas we’d get a big box full of Hershey’s candy. When you hire kids, you hire your primary, but, y’know, kids are young…

I kept calling back to the studio and saying, “I’m sorry, guys, but this tropical paradise isn’t going to work, either.

BE: Well, playing off of that, did people approach you and say, “Y’know, I actually liked it better when it was less silly and more serious”?

PB: Yeah, and I think people have different preferences, but it’s a good blend, I think, of comedy and what you’d really be going through.

BE: Was that a case where all the guys were screwing around on set, and before you knew it, you’d formed a bond?

PB: Yeah, you know, I was kind of finishing up my acting career, and he was just starting his, so we had just met on that and became good friends off-screen. BE: And, you know, title-wise, as far as your projects go, I feel like it’s right up there with “Massarati and the Brain.” PB: Yeah, which was another gem. I was seven or eight or something like that, and I was hired originally as what’s called a back-up.

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