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Avery (Ava and Grace Scarola) spent the night in a barn with a confused Mike (Max Gail), so Ava’s understandably upset.She never wants to go through that kind of terror ever again.Ava won’t stand by and let Sonny (Maurice Benard) walk all over her.She’s not about to take anything from Carly (Laura Wright) either.

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Nelle’s also been tormenting Carly (Laura Wright), so that’ll put the victim in Kevin’s (Jon Lindstrom) office on Tuesday.

He’ll chew her out at GH and suggest that he was wrong about her potential. Across town, Ava (Maura West) will summon Scott (Kin Shriner) for a meeting.

She’ll insist that she’s going to fight for full custody of her daughter.

He’ll even have a surprise that could help with that.

Curtis is supposed to pop the question soon, so he may decide to do it now.

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