Who is matt smith from cheer athletics dating

Both he and Gabi Butler made the exclusive California All-Stars Smoed team.He later decided to transition from being an athlete to a traveling guest coach for gyms around the world hosting camps and clinics.Sandra posted pictures of herself with her name graffitied on the ground outside of Thompson’s house with the caption, “You & Me Baby.” Could this be the start of a fatal attraction?Thompson resolutely denies any link to the cheerleader stating, he is NOT DATING the “graffiti chick,” and that she is a friend of a friend … Thompson’s reps claim the two’s first-time meeting was that very day.There have been cases of NFL players throwing parties, cheerleaders attending and dangerous substances present. Here are 15 smoking hot cheerleaders who got too “close” to athletes despite the strict guidelines.

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He was born in Richmond, Virginia and grew up with 5 sisters.All Star Cheerleading athlete who joined the cheerleading team of the California Allstars SMOED, the team that is featured on the You Tube web show Cheerleaders.She won National Championship titles in 20 as well as the Majors Championship with her team in 2013.She was born in Boca Raton, but spends a lot of time with her host family in Ventura, California while training with her World Champion Team.She has two sisters named Ashley and Amanda and a brother named John Michael.

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