Who is jeanette jenkins dating 2016

“This is the woman at one point she thought she’d end up with for life,” a source told, who reported in 2008 that Latifah and Jenkins were “planning a gay wedding” together.

Queen Latifah & Pal Come Out and Cruise According to reports, Jenkins is “no longer a lesbian – at least for now,” as her new man, a 22-year-old named Johnny, has moved into her Los Angeles home.

Callum started working professionally from 1993 and his debut movie was Purple Toast.

Since then worked in more than 35 movies and over 40 TV series.

Jenkins’ male counterpart dropped out, Bob and Jillian were ultimately cast, and the rest is history.“She could have just sat there on the show but she really created a brand for herself,” Jenkins said.

It’s inevitable that Jenkins will continue to pop up in paparazzi photos and on gossip blogs when working with celebrities on a weekly basis (one of whom she may have shared a hug and bought a home with.) Regardless, we’re taking Ms.

Latifah always insisted that she and Eboni were “just friends” – but personal trainer Jeanette was not buying it.

“Needless to say, Jeanette was not very happy about their relationship,” said the source.

The jumpoff lady is named Eboni Nichols, and Eboni and Latifah have had a close friendship for a while now.

The Enquirer points out that Jeanette isn’t out, either, and that she “previously denied being gay and once claimed to be engaged to a man.” In September of last year, Latifah bought Jeannette a new car, a Range Rover she had delivered to surprise her at a restaurant where they were having lunch.

The two are said to be “planning an intimate ceremony with close family and friends,” according to The Enquirer.

The cause behind the breakup is unknown but a source close to Radar informed that it allegedly occurred in late 2015.

The couple was last photographed on October 23, 2015 while vacationing in Brazil.

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