Who is edward norton dating right now

'' he said.'And then the curtain opens and, if it goes all right, you don't remember opening night - there's too much adrenaline. And they're taking the risks for their own sanity.'Nolte, whose hits include The Prince of Tides, Cape Fear, Lorenzo's Oil, The Good Thief, The Thin Red Line and 48 Hrs., said he self-medicated to quell his inner demons. Nolte admitted to sleeping with co-star Jacqueline Bisset during filming of The Deep but it was short-lived and over before they finished shooting after Bisset accused him of sleeping with every girl on Peter Island The book recounts his amazing appetite for drugs - including coke, LSD, HGH and GHB - and the time he single-handedly saved the movie Under Fire by smuggling the film canisters out of Mexico - one step ahead of the law.

He also revealed he ate real dog food in Down and Out in Beverly Hills, and he took real heroin during the eight-week shoot of The Good Thief to better portray a heroin addict.

Nolte said Weinstein tried to 'bully me into a couple of roles' - including Copland - and was 'manipulative' during awards season.

'I never had much admiration for Miramax or Harvey primarily because I had friends who made movies that were shelved,' he said.

In 1961 Nolte was busted for selling fake draft cards, fined ,000 and sentenced to 75 years in prison, later suspended.

In that booking photo, a pre-famous Nolte wears his hair short and a button-down shirt.

Those anecdotes were later stitched together, alongside journal entries and his own longhand writings.

She called him a 'very self-aware' author who was not afraid to delve into his own darkness.

Nolte, 77, is now ready to tell his story - warts and all.He has nice things to say about co-stars Eddie Murphy, Katharine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand.But he has less than nice things to say about Debra Winger ('hellfire') and Edward Norton (Nolte vowed to 'slit his throat')."I was so worried, and I dated some people I shouldn't have dated.You get desperate, and you start seeing wonderful things in, like, the wrong guys.

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