Who is derek ramsay dating now

It was never quality time as he always had either his parents, his nephews/nieces or other family members around. Respondent never acted as a father to Austin at all.He is irresponsible and unfit to be around his son. He is incapable of making adult decisions and is extremely immature. Moreover, despite respondent’s shortcomings and misdeeds to me and Austin, he even had the temerity to have very public extra-marital relationships with other women–some are even celebrities.Latest story insists that Derek is now facing legal case after his wife file a complaint last June 27, 2014 with the Makati City Prosecutor’s Office for Violations of Republic Act No. Ramsay, save for some pertinent personal and legalese information.

When he broke off the relationship, I was distraught. In October 2002, while on a short vacation in Dubai to visit my family, I found out I was pregnant.He even had the temerity to claim that the child was not his.I was aghast but kept myself together because of my condition. It then came to my attention that he was in a full blown relationship with another woman.These relationships were paraded in the press and in social media.Photos of him being sweet with his girlfriends would often be splashed on magazines and on television.

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