Who is dave days dating 2016

"You Really Got Me" was the band's third released single, after two previous recordings that failed to chart.

They had a three-single contract with Pye Records, and needed a hit to get another.

The release of the solo album was held back, and it was decided to wait and see how another single would fare.

They were accompanied by an oft-changing roster of bassists and keyboardists.In July 1967, Davies released his first solo single, credited entirely under his name, (although co-written by his brother and fellow Kinks member Ray Davies) entitled "Death of a Clown".In the past, as a member of the Kinks, Dave Davies had only released his own compositions on B-sides and as part of albums.Pye didn't like the song and refused to pay for studio time.The Kinks released three albums and several EPs in the next two years.

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