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When Jack begins to hallucinate, August is determined to protect him. In this beautiful, weird novel, the creative chaos of the gradually darkening pages reflects the abusive conditions best friends August and Jack live in. Told across multiple generations, this artful novel explores the moments that define our lives and connect us. Tina lives on the streets of Kenya and becomes part of a gang to survive. Sixteen-year-old Nina experiences sex, betrayal, loss, and a dysfunctional home life, all while trying to understand what it means to be female in the world and whether love can ever be truly unconditional. The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic.

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Adam and girlfriend Chloe capitalize on the aliens’ obsession with 1950s nostalgia by creating a retro reality show, but why does the promised bright future feel like selling out? When Bailey moves to California to live with her dad, she looks forward tracking down the boy she’s developed an online friendship with in a classic movie forum. Along the way she learns she has two biological siblings, Maya and Joaquin. As romance ensues, the two learn to confront grief, embrace happiness, and make decisions for themselves. After giving up her newborn for adoption, Grace is interested in finding her own biological mother. Eva is an accomplished dancer who moves to Grace's seaside town after her mother passes away. New lives are within reach, but first this group will face devastating heartbreak. Minos' thirst for power gets him into trouble with Poseidon. The myth of Theseus and the Minotaur is given a modern spin in this darkly humorous novel in verse. But as they begin to show their true colors, Wendy finds her own strength.

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    Each major group is further organized into sub-major, minor and unit (not shown) groups.