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Ezekiel decodes Revelation Revelation was a 1 century remake of Ezekiels old storyline of the destruction of Jerusalem, start to finish, except the date changed from 587 BC to AD 70.

Revelation is like a new modern version of the original Cinderella story where all the details have changed, but the plotline is identical, everyone knows what happens next and everyone knows how it ends.

On two occasions during the final siege in AD 70, Titus sent Josephus to the city wall to persuade those inside to surrender in order to save the temple.

Josephus judged the Jewish Zealots guilty for desecrating and destroying the temple themselves and judges the Romans innocent because they took every possible step to protect the temple from being destroyed by the Jews.

While Jennifer is more than happy with Justin, as she showed at her recent birthday party when she indulged in a passionate PDA session with her beau, she spoke about how a relationship evolves over time.

The actress, who is divorced from Brad Pitt, said: 'It's a growing, literally living thing.

For late daters then, the historical fulfillment is a fuzzy blur and the message is a superficially simplistic one of victory.

In fact, the central theme of Revelation is the punishment for the Jewish rejection of their messiah, the Jewish persecution of Christians as seen in Rev 1:9; 2:9-10 and murder of Old Testament prophets.

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