Who has tom hardy dating

Seriously though, from his love of man’s best friend (his tribute to his late dog, Woody, made us weep) and his uncanny ability to shoot down sexists, there has been many a time that Mr Hardy has swept us off our feet.

In honour of his birthday, let’s revisit some of our favourite qualities about one of the suavest men in the business.

This was back in 1999 and it was a whirlwind romance in every sense of the word as they got married three weeks after they met.

The two got married at a pretty young age and you know how everything seems like a pretty good idea at that time.

As accomplished as he is on screen, we are betting his off screen life can top that.

We are literally guessing, he’s just one of those guys that has that look. To figure out if his life rocks as much as we hope it does, it’s time to meet Tom Hardy’s wife and son, hopefully they give us a little insight.

Alas, it's not true (but what they are is really cute BFFs), and in fact, Sam has been dating another actress for the past year or so.Women are the most profoundly important people who supported my growth and development as a person.’ ‘My relationship with my mother and strong women – their support and innate wisdom have helped me carve my way through today.So, I have tremendous and profound respect for women. My wife would probably pick me apart for still being irritating.Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley The couple married on 4th July 2014 after a four year long engagement.The pair had two dogs, Max and Woodstock- both rescues, one of which Hardy appeared with in a PETA advert to promote pet adoption.

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