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“I called for an appointment on Tuesday, had an interview on Thursday, began work the next Monday,” Allen wrote in a Washingtonian magazine article. Grosvenor, the dynastic chieftain and chair of the board, and stayed for 35 years, primarily as a picture editor.He retired in 2004 after 10 years as editor-in-chief.How a horsewoman accumulated so much wealth is a mystery … Until last Monday, Bill Allen, the good looking former editor-in-chief of National Geographic, was a loner—a "privacy nut" who kept to himself, flew under the radar, and whose only known address was a P. In breathless prose, the paper implied that the 71-year-old former editor was no mere arm candy, but rather a serious beau for the former second lady.

Now, suddenly, simply everybody wants to know more about Allen, a once low-profile photographer and wine connoisseur who has been married, had a son, and was so discreet through it all he left few tracks in his wake.

She also attended innumerable seminars, workshops, and conferences and must have inevitably crossed paths with Allen on a number of different occasions.

After a stint as an army photographer in Korea and graduate school at Georgetown University, Allen, a native of East Tyler, Texas, began his career as a photo intern at National Geographic and rose through the ranks to become top editor.

Allen yielded them, while producing a magazine that remained quite good, but a bony, lightweight version of its former self, at higher cost to members."One of the more traumatic incidents for both Allen and the magazine was the brouhaha over The Piltdown Bird, or as the Brits slyly dubbed it “The Piltdown Turkey.”In November, 1999, National Geographic ran a major story about the Archaeoraptor, a fossil thought to be the missing link between dinosaurs and birds.

It turned out to be a fraud cobbled together in China.

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