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It is up to you to take steps to live longer, become more selective about who you enter in a relationship with when lots of dating options are available, avoid forming attachments before you know a person well, increase your options by making an effort to meet people (much) more frequently than you are currently meeting them, hang out at places where people you like are more likely to be found, adjust your standards so that you aren’t eliminating dating partners based on criteria that don’t have much bearing on your likely future happiness with them, recognize that attraction can build over time, make that extra effort to talk to every attractive person at each event you go to, and take steps to become more attractive to others.Taylor Site, Paluxy Riverbed, 1984, Glen Rose, TX The Taylor Site contains several trackways of largely infilled, metatarsal dinosaur tracks once considered human footprints by many creationists, and a trail of deeper, more typical digitigrade dinosaur tracks. If true, such a finding would dramatically contradict the conventional geologic timetable, which holds that humans did not appear on earth until over 60 million years after the dinosaurs became extinct.Even if it is the case that you are rather narrow minded, and just 1 in 200 people are culturally similar enough to you for you to even consider a romantic relationship (e.g.you are a Baptist American, who would only ever be willing to date another Baptist American), that still leaves at least 2.5 million people to search through.This web site provides a collection of articles reviewing the history of the Paluxy controversy and evidence involved, articles on other alleged out-of-order fossils and artifacts, and information and links boarder aspects of trace fossils, paleontology, and the "creation/evolution" issue.

In practice, maybe you could do a bit better by being selective about who you meet (for example, concentrating your efforts on those places where you would suspect “the one” would hang out).

This formula leads us directly to a variety of specific strategies for improving our total romantic happiness, which I will now discuss in detail.

In conclusion, you do have the power to increase your expected total romantic happiness.

A few individuals such as Carl Baugh, Don Patton, and Ian Juby, continue to promote the Paluxy "man tracks" or alleged human tracks in Mesozoic or Paleozoic from other localities, but such claims are not considered credible by either mainstream scientists or major creationist groups.

When examined thoroughly and carefully, the Paluxy tracks not only provide no positive evidence for young-earth creationism, but are found to be among many other lines of geologic evidence which indicate that the earth has had a long and complex history.

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