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Estafa can be done in the following ways also: a) By inducing another to sign any document The elements are: i) That the offender induced the offended party to sign a document; ii) That deceit be employed to make him sign the document; iii) That the offended party personally signed the document; iv) That prejudice be caused. The courts in the place where the crime of estafa was committed has jurisdiction over it. L-75079, 26 January 1989) The theory is that a person charged with a transitory offense may be tried in any jurisdiction where the offense is in part committed.

The first time writing a check can be a little overwhelming.

Begin as far to the left on the line as possible so a fraud won’t be able to fill in a higher dollar amount.

After the cents, draw a line down to the word "DOLLARS" so nothing can be added to the left over space.

Is “intent to defraud” a necessary element of estafa? Intent to defraud is not necessary in all types of estafa.

Damage or prejudice may consist of: (a) The offended party being deprived of his money or property as a result of the defraudation; (b) Disturbance of property rights; (c) Temporary prejudice.

The words "convert" and "misappropriate" as used in the aforequoted Article 315, connote an act of using or disposing of another’s property as if it were one’s own or of devoting it to a purpose or use different from that agreed upon.

This will make it easier for the bank to recognize if someone other than you signed the check. What are the elements of theft as compared to Estafa? The same however, be established in the case at bar. The law penalizes the issuance of a check only if it were itself the immediate consideration for the reciprocal receipt of benefits. It was the rule that the mere issuance of a check with knowledge on the part of the drawer that he had no funds to cover its amount and without informing the payee of such circumstances, does not constitute the crime of estafa if the check was intended as payment of a pre-existing obligation. There is prima facie evidence of deceit when the drawer fails to pay or make arrangement for payment three days after receiving notice of dishonor. Would charging a person for the crime of estafa and violation of the Bouncing Check law, put him in double jeopardy? A person can be charged with two (2) distinct and separate offenses, first under Section 1 of Batas Pambansa Bilang 22 or the Bouncing Check Law and another under Article 315, 2 (d) of the Revised Penal Code. 157781, 11 April 2005) Failure to account upon demand, for funds or property held in trust, is circumstantial evidence of misappropriation. When the money, goods, or any other personal property Juridical possession means a possession which gives the transferee a right over the thing which the transferee may set up even against the owner. If he was entrusted only with the material or physical (natural) or possession of the thing, his misappropriation of the same constitutes theft, but if he has the juridical possession of the thing, his conversion of the same constitutes embezzlement or estafa." 15. The following are the exceptions: a) When the offender’s obligation to comply is subject to a period; b) When the accused cannot be located despite due diligence. It so happens only that failure to account, upon demand for funds or property held in trust, is circumstantial evidence of misappropriation. Failure to account, upon demand, is circumstantial evidence of misappropriation. However, if the check was issued by the debtor for the security of the creditor, but not to be encashed, no estafa is involved. You did not issue the check prior or simultaneous with any act of fraud, thus it is not the cause of the fraud. P.22, mere issuance of a check that is dishonored gives rise to the presumption of knowledge on the part of the drawer that he issued the same without sufficient funds and hence punishable which is not so under the Revised Penal Code. 85785, 24 April 1989) Misappropriation or conversion may be proved by the prosecution by direct evidence or by circumstantial evidence. In short, the issuance of the check was not a means to obtain a valuable consideration from the payee. I sent a notice of dishonor to my cousin, who issued me a check as payment for my catering services. Theft has the following elements: (a) That there be taking of personal property; (b) That said property belongs to another; (c) That the taking be done with intent to gain; (d) That the taking be done without the consent of the owner; (e) That the taking be accomplished without the use of violence or intimidation against persons or force against things. In other words, the check must be issued concurrently with, and in exchange for, a material gain to make it a punishable offense under Article 315, paragraph 2(d) of the Revised Penal Code. The reason for the rule is that deceit, to constitute estafa, should be the efficient cause of the defraudation and as such should either be prior to, or simultaneous with the act of fraud. Lilius) In the issuance of a check as payment for a pre-existing debt, the drawer derives no material benefit in return as its consideration had long been delivered to him before the check was issued. Deceit may not be incolved as your cousin could be charged for the violation of B. Deceit and damage are essential elements in Article 315 2(d) but are not required in B.

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