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Hicks reflected on Applegate's appearance and personality, saying "I deal with a lot of girls who are new in the business, a lot of young girls and a lot of girls from out of town. But Hicks advised Colleen to get out of nude modeling quickly, because when all of the magazines had used her, the only thing left for her would be hardcore movies."You know, you take a typical girl that's used to working at Mc Donald's or at a shoe store, where she's used to making a minimum wage, and suddenly she's given the opportunity to get made up, and be in front of people who tell her she's beautiful, and make as much money in a day as she was making in three weeks and, um, they change. And that's sad." Almost immediately, Applegate progressed to filming hardcore photo sessions for Suze Randall. Before his induction, he informed her small town that Colleen was involved with pornography. Ignoring Hicks' advice, Colleen continued working with World Modeling Agency, where she met veteran porn producer Bobby Hollander.She disliked the industry, although she regarded Joey Silvera well.Through Hollander she found a new boyfriend, cocaine dealer Jack "Jake" Ehrlich, age 44.

She quit the adult film business for a short time following Grant's suicide.

According to the Frontline piece, the entire family had at least one group session at a counseling center during which no one really talked about the situation.

When the news spread about her overdose, Colleen ran away from home and moved to California in March 1982, with her high school sweetheart, Mike Marcell.

He had compiled an extensive record of arrests in California, which included such offenses as selling narcotics and possession of stolen property.

He also owned a leather goods store, Pelle, in downtown Palm Springs, which Grant began to manage.

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