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Hes a really wonderful human being and it feels like a gift to have hime around and I wish I could employ him more here.- Karla Meek from The Green House Aloha, My name is Maile and I am in my late twenties. I am pursuing my bachelors degree in education and absolutely love it!That is actually how I first gained experience in childcare.For the summer of 2007 I worked at Hoolauna Puna, I supervised a group of 15 students on excursions around the island.In my spare time I enjoy a variety of hobbies including photography, cooking, soccer, studying Spanish & French. Approximately two years ago when we met Travis when he applied for the Teaching position at The Green House. His responsibilities were to prepare lessons, manage groups of kids(approximately 15), teach eco lessons/curriculum, take groups of kids on field trips.

I'm a Foster Mom now for 16 years so I hold current certification on F. For older children, I love to stay active and explore the island.

I will provide a variety of activities from arts and crafts to trips to the park or aquarium.

In addition I am happy to help with some light housekeeping. Our dress is dirt friendly here doing garden work and working with kids, outdoors, for our eco explorer program he always dressed appropriately for the job.

He strongly values, role models and implements positive communication skills and conflict resolution with the kids.

He is caring and kind and great at following what you give him to do. He is very good at listening to them and talking with them about what their interests are, their thoughts and again, very good at helping to work out conflicts.

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