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In the same year the university established the Boarding School for the Nobility, an institution that required payment for tuition and that was restricted to children of the nobility.

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Of great importance to the development of education were the introduction of the Civil typeface in 1708, the simplification of the orthography, the printing of Russian textbooks, and the translation of textbooks from foreign languages.The establishment of a vast governmental system, the development of industry and commerce, the formation of a regular army and navy, and the growth of international ties resulted in an acute need for specialists in various scientific areas.The implementation of numerous reforms led to the formation of several secular state educational institutions, including navigational, mathematical, medical, and mining schools, that provided essentially a Realschule education.The first mention of organized instruction for children in Kievan Rus’ dates from the tenth century.The emergence in the ninth century of the Slavic alphabet known as Cyrillic played an important role in the spread of literacy.

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