Use ps3 online without updating

Combining prefix and suffix allows you to arrive at an actual PS3 model number.Note that although the harddrive capacity and memory card readers are missing in some models, you can upgrade or add the capability later.

Moved from rzlib to miniz/minizip -should increase compatibility with ZIP archives Some of the features include: * HAN Installer​ * HAN Enabler​ (Enable custom signed packages and licenses) * License Dumper​ (dumps idps) * License Injector​ (install activation files) * Debug Package Enabler​ (allows installation of unsigned PKG) * Install Packages From Webserver (PKG Linker Required)​ * File Explorer Added (browse and delete files) * Reboot / Shutdown * Built in Toolbox Updater (Update from the XMB in future) * Support Forum​ @ psx-place New Features in HAN Toolbox 0.5: * Self injector added * Cert remover added * Demo Downloader updated with demos from all regions * Theme Downloader added * Wallpaper Downloader added * Menus rearranged * Debug Settings Toggler added * DEX Xploit links added (Auto switching, see below) * New icons External Content Downloaders For the downloaders, There is an initial setup to be done, this involves going to Toolbox Settings and Downloading a resource pkg, its quite simple, download the pkg then reboot.


Auto Switching to DEX Xploit links If you use the new Debug settings Xploit from Team PS3 Xploit, and you want to have your Xploit links in the Toolbox auto switch to DEX http links when on DEX XMB, then inject this category_game_tool2= DOWNLOAD , if you don't understand what is meant by this, don't use this feature.

For the PS3 Slim, an additional letter (appendix) is added to the end of the model number to designate harddrive size.

From the chart above you can see that CECHJ, CECHM, and CECHQ were only released to a few regions.

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