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Whatsapp is very popular as we know but it is also true that hackers are also trying to get weak point every day. If you want to secure your Whatsapp account, then do the following steps given below – #1 – Lock Whatsapp Your device lock screen feature is not enough secure to protect your Whatsapp.

So you have to lock your Whatsapp for more security.

By using these methods you can protect your Whats App account easily.

If you are thinking that can Whatsapp be hacked remotely or can Whatsapp be hacked on Android or can Whatsapp be hacked on iphone, then after reading my methods you can make sure that your Whatsapp can be safe and secure.

Ratings: 5/5 Hello Everyone , I have been living with my wife for some years now,she has been keeping late nights and also receiving calls late at night,i was afraid she has been cheating on me and a friend of mine introduced me to a private investigator who helped me and gave me the password to her Facebook and Gmail account and also linked all her phone conversations to me.

As we know Whats App messenger is the most popular messaging app for both Smartphone and PC.I have shared three steps to detect your Whatsapp security and few tips to keep safe your account.In this article I have shown you how to secure your Whatsapp account.In my previous article I have already shown you how to see Whats App messages of others.On that article I used Whats App Web feature to see messages of others.

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