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Find out more information about prevailing wage, foreign worker visa, Project Labor Agreements, worker misclassification, your local goverment officials and political initiatives of the building trades council.

Click here to access our local councils within Texas which includes information on the Central Texas, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston/Gulf Coast, Sabine, San Antonio, South Texas, and West Texas Building Trades.

Every player/pick has a value and you’re now going to know what it should take to acquire any of them.solar retrograde, Sunspot cycles, comet & meteor impacts, etc.), man-made and natural catastrophes (i.e.volcanoes, earthquakes & tsunamis which should increase in intensity in the coming years, as well as climate and extreme storm cycles), wars/conflicts (that have a major, synergetic convergence in the near future), of disease &plagues, of religious &culturaltransitionsand other pertinent events are integrated into the overall 'big-picture' analysis provided each month.It also has my rankings, so if yours are different, just move your players up or down the scale. is dedicated to informing, intriguing and educating (while occassionally - and in diverse ways - entertaining) individuals that are interested in the markets, in cycles or in technical analysis.

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