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lost keys, in underground c/p, wheels on angle, facing inwards, auto stuck in park also. so can understand you as a driver getting all that sh*t from them. if driver says he cant recover the vehicle on a good decent reason, then he cant.

just got have common sense.i have just started on the summer contract 4 months ago for the aa as a recovery patrol & i must say its the worst driving job i have ever had !!!

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Pop over there and you will probably get an answer to your query.I ask if the customer has been contacted to see if he has a complaint, and they say no, he never heard anything! Turns out the other patrol was a good mate of my FSM!The union in the AA are bought and paid for by the management, at least they were then...the main reps had company cars etc....just said it was best for me to resign..not knowing any better then, thats what i did. Sorry about the long post....bought back some long suppressed feelings of anger!Got a job interview with the AA next week for the said recovery driver role and would like to quiz anyone with experience (The more recent the better) of the likely questions / any tips / advice to take with me.I hope the mods don't mind me mentioning another forum.

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