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A French-country makeover was accomplished by hand-painting and glazing cabinets, adding crown and picture molding to cabinetry, installing recessed and under-cabinet lighting and designing a unique ceramic-tile layout.

Hardwood floors and weathered brick contribute to the timeless design in this kitchen by Cyndy Cantley, CKD.

Pre-mitered inside corners and matching straight moldings create appealing patterns.

The corner pieces are cut the appropriate angles and ready to use. You need a mitre saw with a very sharp blade as the molding will splinter if cut with a dull blade.

Layout all doors with pencil lines before starting and cut lengths of the straight pcs fist before nailing and gluing.

Precise measuring and cutting is important to make it look nice.

The barstools are slipcovered in muslin for a casual look and easy care.The straight pcs need to be cut to fit the door size and layout that the user needs. I actually used an old hand saw mitre box which worked great.I used a 22 ga pinner (air pinner) and glue to attach the molding to the doors on my project.We used them on small flat cabinet doors and they look really nice.I actually glued them on ---because of the small size they will splinter pretty easily even with the small nailer.

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