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Another sheet lists valid account numbers for each department.I can’t create separate lists for each department – there are 294 of them, and there are over 900 combinations of departments/accounts. ” I normally do this stuff in Access, but a client wants it in Excel.Next I tried to use this newly defined name for a Data Validation List and got the following error: “The List Source must be a delimited list, or a reference to a single row or column.” So I went with INDEX, because it works.

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I can’t find the format for indicating which column of a named range.Adding a drop-down box to your Excel 2007 spreadsheet can speed up data entry by offering users a list of items to select from instead of having to type information each time.When you put a drop-down box in a spreadsheet cell, the cell displays an arrow.Put your data validation drop-down cell on one worksheet and the reference list range on another worksheet. Example: Create the defined name my List Formula and use =INDEX(Table1,0,1) as the formula.Example: Sheet1 contains a cell with data validation. Then when setting the data validation list, use =my List Formula as the list reference.

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