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We once asked if Meredith believed that HWA was the "end-time Elijah" and a man in LCG said "no," that Meredith did not believe that, and then this person went on to speculate maybe it was Meredith who was the "end-time Elijah." --Former LCG member (exited 2001) [Update: Rod Meredith's 2nd wife Sheryl also died of cancer.See December 2, 2013 email to ESN] Roderick Meredith Needs to Be Exposed: March 13, 2005 While I was on the computer last night, I saw the article just as soon as it came up.The congregation was almost all widowed, older women, and the only bathroom was in a dimly lit basement.The hall had several steps to get into and the flooring had busted tiles with pieces all over the floor.Maybe the comment on the tape was, "Third tithe assistance isn't an unemployment fund." I've heard ministers say things like that.Maybe Ratzmann felt that all those years he had tithed, and now he asked for some help and was refused. That Ratzmann fellow "seemed" to be a bright, decent young man.

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I am certain he was reprimanded for his "attitude." I think people don't realize how trapped members truly are.

Eight people were killed, including the shooter Terry Ratzmann, during a March 12, 2005 shooting spree.

Dead are: Pastor Randy Gregory, 50, and his son, James, 17; Harold Diekmeier, 74; Gloria Critari, 55; Bart Oliver, 15; Richard Reeves, 58; and Gerald Miller, 44. After the tragic incident, members of LCG began meeting every Saturday at a new location in Waukesha, Wisconsin (update August 2006).

Living Church of God is an offshoot of Worldwide Church of God, founded by Herbert W. Posted are the best of the letters we received on this shooting spree.

Info on Roderick Meredith: March 13, 2005 Roderick Meredith had some strange sermons when I was in Living Church of God and after his videos I would always comment with other members on how they all sounded the same. The power struggles with the ministers brought the demise of his first "church" Global Church of God. I know because one of my [relatives] was one of the original members of GCG [Global Church of God]. Larry Salyer would not come on if Meredith was in total power and he came out with a government on "collegiate government" (rule by a board of elders).

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