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But make sure you have filled in your Twitter name first before authorization. This is how the updates will appear in Fan Pages: Isn’t it great? Now you can post however and whatever you wish interchanging your Facebook personal account and Fan Pages.Recommended Read: Use Google Reader to Import selective Twitter Favorites to Facebook Page What other difficulties you faced while trying to integrate social media with one another? And if you’re on Facebook, why not say hi and let’s connect at Facebook Page.Having trouble separating social lives between leisure and work? I’m on Facebook Page for days now and glad that I don’t have to bombard my own profile site with updates my friends find annoyed *chuckle*.But being active on Twitter, wouldn’t it be fantastic if we get to publish selective tweets between personal and Facebook Pages?**Edit** If you have an Android phone, these directions might be of more help to you: click here.

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Believe it or not, you can add Twitter to Facebook in just a few clicks of your mouse.

Good thing that’s now doable in various Twitter platforms and I’m going to show you how. Go To Tweetdeck Settings Add Your Facebook account. Approve the authorization to connect with Facebook by logging in. Tweetdeck will display all Facebook Pages that you are administrated.

You will prompt to add your Facebook Pages as well. Pick either or all for your preferences; publish posts or comments without repeated logins: 4. Add as many Facebook Pages you like and start your selective tweeting.

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This is one of those things that took me forever and a half to figure out.

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