Transsexuals in prison dating

In a lawsuit filed last year asking for the transfer, Deon 'Strawberry' Hampton describes how guards and fellow inmates would regularly single her out for brutal treatment at the high-security prison in southern Illinois, Menard Correctional Center, and earlier at Pinckneyville Correctional Center.A US magistrate judge began a first-of-its-kind evidentiary hearing in Hampton's case Friday in Benton, southeast of St.You'll find complete galleries of all the samples above in our members section, together with much much more.A 26-year-old transgender woman serving a 10-year sentence in Illinois for burglary is seeking a rarely granted transfer to a female prison where she says she'll be less vulnerable to the kinds of sexual assault, taunting and beatings she's been subjected to in male prisons.

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The ongoing inquest into Thompson’s death sheds some light onto those experiences.In 2013, various newspapers wrongly reported that Baker had received gender confirmation surgery paid for by the NHS – sensationalist and transphobic coverage that Baker challenges in her book.Instead, she says that a gender identity clinic denied her both a diagnosis of gender dysphoria and any treatment while she is in prison.Unable to comfortably represent herself as female in the male prison — where she can't wear her hair or nails long — has also been devastating psychologically, said one filing from her lawyers at the Chicago-based Mac Arthur Justice Center and the Uptown People's Law Center. While prison officials do have the option of assigning such male-to-female transgender inmates to women's prisons — it happens infrequently.Federal data from 2016 indicates there were no transgender prisoners in Illinois' two female prisons; there were 28 in the state's 24 male prisons.

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