The prefix radio as in radiometric dating means

The redundancy theory suggests that most genes were once non-coding DNA and/or nonsense genes that produced nonfunctional protein which was either useless and rapidly recycled or caused harm to the cell.Production of nonfunctional protein would result in a tremendous waste of cell energy and materials both in manufacturing the useless proteins produced by evolving genes and as a result of their being cut up and recycled by the cell’s proteolytic system.His work has been translated into twelve languages. Abstract The research on functions for introns in the cell is reviewed.To discuss his research, Bergman has been a featured speaker on many college campuses throughout the United States and Europe, and a frequent guest on radio and television programs. Bergman has earned seven college degrees, including three masters degrees and two doctorates. Darwinists once generally argued that non-protein coding DNA are relics of once-functioning genes or useless “junk” DNA that strongly argued against design of the genome.

This view must be evaluated in light of the fact that the history of science is replete with now discarded theories that once supported Darwinism but increasing knowledge has rendered obsolete.

Proponents of the redundancy theory speculate that some of these nonsense genes eventually produced a protein that conferred a survival advantage on the organism that possessed it.

Last, natural selection fine-tuned the DNA and caused the protein it produced to become increasingly useful to the organisms’ survival.

Examples include vestigial organs (the claim that in humans 180 organs and structures were evolutionary leftover’s such as the pineal and the thymus), atavisms (the theory that certain conditions such as trisomy 21 were evolutionary throwbacks – trisomy 21 persons were called Mongolian idiots for this reason), and the biogenetic law (the belief that the embryological development of an organism passes through its evolutionary history).

Likewise new research is beginning to overturn the view that most of the genome has no function.

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