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It comes with a special modified version of Terrarium TV. People always move up to this box once they discover this unique feature. If you type in character name "Dirty Harry" you will see all five Dirty Harry movies ready to play. On 99% of other boxes if you type in "Titanic" you see about 8 different Titanic movies from the past, this finds about 50! Tech support is hardly ever needed since I make these boxes super easy to use and super reliable. Why waste your money on cable or movie subscriptions when you can get the exact same viewing pleasure with the Android Pro TV Box - you will have access to an endless movie list that is on demand and in HD or higher. But I recommend at least 2 gigs of RAM for smoother play. Yes, this is the box everyone is talking about and was featured in the resent Bloomberg article. ****No other box out there does this.**** That means it finds way more movies and TV shows than any other system out there. For five years I have taken care of all my friends entertainment needs. Especially when you want it to last for many years. Software updates will be sent to you automatically and you can install them at your convenience, easily. I've been selling for five years and my testimonials speak for themselves. All of the devices are good for live live sports and news.

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My personal cell number for voice, text or Face Time tech support is 559-642-7381. Configuration: Amazon Fire TV Box It is the best choice for you to have the smooth experience to watch the video or play games. All of our devices have the same great programming. From Amazon Fire TV Sticks to top of the line Android fast 64GB Extreme TV boxes. We spend about an hour programming each one to allow you to search every source with just one search.

So go ahead, install your favorite apps and customize away!

Condition: Opened only to install, modify and configure all the side loaded programs. Unlike Roku, Apple TV, Nexus and more the box is free of any restrictions.

Plus way more apps, over 3,000,000 apps and channels in the Google Play Store for your big screen. For the last three years the custom menu has been fine tuned with most reliable sources have been fine tuned and installed for ease of use for the non techy person. With the Android Pro you're not limited so you can personalize the experience the way that you like. At the touch of A button, HD streaming capabilities mean you can watch your streams in the most stunning visual quality! You have buffering since the whole movie won't fit in that small amount of memory on the stick.

:) This box is more powerful than the Amazon fire TV box, Roku or Apple TV. Even if it's not in the Play Store you can still install it. You can't put as much stuff on it, the menus are a little slower.

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