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Jeanette's Dilemma: My husband and I have been together for 8 years.I don't have any children, but husband has a daughter.From there, explore what you would like your relationship to look like from that day on.I'm guessing you would like to have a solid, healthy, and supportive relationship with them and your grandchildren so don't be afraid to ask for that.What he does with the information and your request is completely up to him then.It's a risk, but one well worth taking for both of you!She wants her father to attend and give her away, but without me.

Two of them work for him, and I am guessing they are having financial problems.

I am happily remarried and thank god I live in another state. Gloria Answers: Congratulations on your successful remarriage and your new beginning!

I'm so glad that you aren't losing sight of all that you are blessed with now while you still work to resolve some of the issues from your past.

Some of the times the children accept the new relationships - that's what we all hope for.

But sometimes things just don't click and we have to deal with that, too.

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