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Gone are the name-tags, shouting and over-the-top party trimmings.

I can tell you that it was louder than any audio recording device could really convey.

Suddenly we're up by 15 and the Raptors have 2 seconds left to travel the length of the court, Lowry receives the inbounds pass, accelerates past all the Nets, past and present, and launches an off balance prayer, which hits the backboard and wait, what is going on? As far as I can tell, Chuck Hayes can do two things on a basketball court: set screens and play passable post defence. I have never seen him take any shot that didn't look like a strange combination of a shot put and a convulsion.

Chuck Hayes is tasked with defending Mirza Teletovic, a man who does not score in the post. Until tonight that is, because the shot clock is winding down and suddenly the ball is in Chuck's hands at the right elbow.

It was loud in terms of amplitude certainly, but also in an emotional sense, a comforting sense.

If nothing else, every Canadian knows that something athletically great is about to happen when the anthem singer is only allowed to get to "..all our sons command..." before he gives the microphone over to the crowd and they respond with their hearts all aglow.

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