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In the early days of baseball, players made their own bats, which meant they came in all shapes and sizes. Hillerich and his son, Bud, began producing Falls City Slugger bats made from hard white ash.

It was not until 1879 that “long and slender” was cast as the preferred design for baseball bats, though there was no single bat manufacturer. Ten years later they patented the name Louisville Slugger, and...

You’ve got “get off my lawn” types talking about how this isn’t “good for the game.” You’ve got Joel Sherman (who has been around the sport long enough to know what they’re doing) calling the strategy “Bizarre.” And you’ve got progressive types like Houston’s A. to be fair Eckersley was by no means a failed starter …

Just 7 mixed-division districts for the whole upper area of the state.

Well, what if you had an entire roster of specialized relievers instead of spending tens of millions of dollars on a rotation?

but he would not be in Cooperstown had he not become a dominant closer).

Stanford: got no favors by getting the always-tough Cal State Fullerton team in their regional, but their #2 seed Baylor is manageable. Coastal Carolina: gets UConn as their #2 seed and their tough arm Tim Cate. Here’s a quick peek at the DC/MD/VA players I could think of who will be playing: Posted in College/CWS Tagged with brady singer, casey mize, cody morris, griffin conine, hunter taylor, jackson kowar, jake agnos, jeremy eierman, jonathan india, kent klyman, kieton rivers, kris bubie, logan gilbert, luke heimlich, michael byrne, nick madrigal, ryan rolison, seth beer, shane mcclanahan, steve gingery, tim cate, trevor larnach, tristan beck, tyler holton, zach hess, zack hopeck The Tampa Bay Rays, thanks to a run of injuries to their starting rotation this spring, and perhaps a bit of typical organizational ingenuity, are doing something this year that has a lot of people talking; they’re essentially using a closer-quality pitcher to start games, get through the top of the opposing team’s order the first time, then hands it over to the real “starter” (or in most cases longer man) who pitches a typical starter-length outing.

No UVA, no Maryland, no Liberty, no VCU or ODU or any of the CAA teams that sometimes sneak in.

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