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This culture continued into the period of European settlement.

At that time the tribes of Maryland were Algonquian in language and politics, but they were under pressure from the Iroquois to the northwest, especially the Susquehannock in the nearby Susquehanna River valley.

The Calvert family provided for religious freedom in the colony, and this was formalized by the General Assembly in 1649 in an Act Concerning Religion, later famous as the Act of Religious Toleration.

It granted freedom of worship, though only within the bounds of Trinitarian Christianity.

During that period the Church of England was formally established.

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Programs have been put in place to slow down the conversion of farmland and forests to residential development.

In almost a different world are the tiny communities located on various islands of Chesapeake Bay, in which isolation has worked to preserve distinct attitudes and ways of life.

The outdoors looms large in the life of Marylanders.

Baltimore has a professional baseball team, the Orioles, and gridiron football team, the Ravens.

Restaurants present a plethora of cuisines, but the traditional gastronomy of Maryland tends to be centred on terrapin soup, steamed crabs, padded oysters (fried oyster patties), fish and crab cakes, and beaten biscuits (Southern-style unleavened biscuits), often accompanied by Maryland rye and beer.

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