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This shared information resulted in SKS rifles being manufactured by the Soviet Union, China, Yugoslavia, Albania, North Korea, Vietnam, and East Germany, Romania and Poland and with several variations.The first thing that needs to be done is to examine the Rifle for and Asian or Cyrillic markings, in an effort to identify the county of origin.Google has many special features to help you find exactly what youre looking for. Gender: the triangle 26 (denoted as /26\ here at SKSFiles) stamp first appears.Albanian SKSs were manufactured from to at the Umgransh Arsenal in Albania.I just picked up a barreled receiver..early Hing Long import. I was curious whether these are documented anywhere as bring backs..shows extensive pitting below the stock line.This came from Sarco, from a cache of barreled receivers obtained from Briklee.I am assuming they were Briklee rejects that were not reworked by them into commercial guns.

With that said, I am curious..the letter series electropenciled on the sight leaf?

Initially fielded in early 1945 against the Germans, the SKS was not adopted officially by the Soviet Army till 1949 and was produced by the Tula Armory until 1955.

The quality of the early Soviet carbines was quite high as compared to some later manufacturers.

Almost as soon as the SKS was brought into service, it was made obsolete for Soviet purposes by the new AK-47 by Kalashnikov.

Advantages over the SKS were the selective-fire option, a rifle that was lighter, had more magazine capacity, not to mention that it was less labor-intensive to manufacture.

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