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Shaw expresses condolences, but is not sincere enough when he forgets to ask if Lester is all right, and out of anger, Josh smashes the windows of the 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Lusso displayed in Shaw's apartment. Simon, fires him for his actions, as well as Charlie and Enrique, who were with him at the time of his actions.

Josh meets Denham at a bar where she drunkenly suggests that Shaw has concealed million as a reserve, and that Josh should steal it.

They supplement their inexperience by enlisting Josh's childhood friend Slide, a petty criminal, and Odessa, who has locksmith experience that can help open the safe.

Charlie is later rehired as the Tower's new manager, and, uncomfortable with the plan, warns Josh to abandon it or Charlie will turn him over to the police.

Fitzhugh conspire to find and steal the money from Shaw's assumed safe.

The team retrieve the car and send various parts of it to Tower employees to compensate for their lost pensions.

As Josh is led to his cell, a satisfied smile slowly forms on his face. Affleck wanted to participate in the film as he was interested in playing a comedy role, saying "it sounded like a fun film to do.

The FBI accepts on the condition that Josh, being the primary conspirator, must serve a minimal two-year sentence.

Shaw pleads guilty and is sentenced to life imprisonment.

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