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For decades presidents have attempted to increase their control over the federal agencies that regulate such things as land use, food safety, drug development and workplace rules. Every year these agencies, collectively, formulate agency regulation is a virtual dictator who has usurped the powers of our legislature.

Elena Kagan, the Supreme Court nominee, has been a strong supporter of such efforts to expand presidential power over domestic affairs, her writings show.

There was a brief period in her early 20s when Elena Kagan expressed clear and forceful opinions on matters legal and political.

That window of expressiveness abruptly closed and she has been a cipher ever since.

Barack Obama's arch manner as he dismisses his conservative critics as beyond the bounds of legitimacy is a habit instilled in him by his years of faculty-lounge conditioning. Bush, for all his faults, had a masters degree in business administration and a cabinet peppered with people with real-world experience; George gave us forty-nine straight months of hard-pumpin' prosperity.

Obama's cabinet is bereft of with private-sector business experience its just another faculty lounge stuffed with failing leftist theorists. Then, after all his failures, he goes and nominates Elena Kagan who has never been a judge on any court, federal, state, trial or appellate.

Kagan's resume is so thin that she has invited comparisons to Harriet Miers, a Bush nominee whom Republicans rejected because of her inscrutability and her inexperience and whom Democrats denounced for being too close to President Bush.

Kagan's cohort deferentially regarded their professors as bosses to be placated.After all that, she was perfectly prepared to tell us all how the law resonates in the lives of folks living in cramped leftist enclaves.Obama's nomination of Kagan for our Supreme Court has been called a case of one professor choosing another professor, except Obama was never a professor of anything, he was just some guy the professor at Harvard.Obama graduated from Harvard Law in 1991, Kagan in 1986.Kagan joined the University of Chicago faculty in 1991, becoming a tenured professor in 1995; Obama taught some classes there from 1992 to 2004.

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