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We can preach the gospel of a God who loves justice, and teach a proper theology of His omnibenevolence.

Yet, if we then ignore the hurting or those in need, or ask them to come to our doors, then we have become like the man in James -25 who forgets his own face.

While I believe many Christian teens in America fall into the second category, in my own context, teenagers have historically been taught the author of righteousness, but do not know fight for justice.

And yet this is the generation we are privileged to disciple. As with every generation, this generation has not come to their positions on their own, but have looked toward the actions of their predecessors.

They have seen our generation as we have fought against injustice – or as we have left injustice unfought.

If we truly see a rising generation who is captivated by justice, then we must go beyond teaching them about the author of righteousness.

We must show them who He is, by being his hands and feet. We have to stop reasoning ourselves out of our duty to seek justice and love mercy.

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