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Starting in 1832, abolitionist and journalist William Lloyd Garrison organized anti-slavery associations which encouraged the full participation of women.

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Exactly 100 of approximately 300 attendees signed the document, mostly women.

The convention's Declaration of Sentiments became "the single most important factor in spreading news of the women's rights movement around the country in 1848 and into the future", according to Judith Wellman, a historian of the convention.

In the decades leading up to 1848, a small number of women began to push against restrictions imposed upon them by society. In 1831, Reverend Charles Grandison Finney began allowing women to pray aloud in gatherings of men and women.

In the 1840s, women in America were reaching out for greater control of their lives.

Husbands and fathers directed the lives of women, and many doors were closed to female participation.

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