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“Quite often, the results are devastating and can easily be compounded if a young person is living in a home where domestic violence is prevalent. That sometimes can mean, tolerating violence and mistreatment as it is a norm for him/her, to perpetrating violence and mistreatment toward others.” And abuse takes many forms.From physical and emotional to mental and verbal, sometimes abuse is very difficult to spot or stop.And dating violence is not always spoken about, but is quite prevalent.” One of the great debates of decades past, is whether or not technology is a blessing or a curse.In terms of the dating universe, it has not been all that helpful.“YES CCC has a specialized program called WISH (Women in Shared Healing), which is designed to assist children, teens and adults to respond to the effects of trauma and abuse,” said Bogenshutz.“Specially trained therapists are available for counseling and support and are keenly aware of the struggles and challenges that teens may face.Our legal team is a family united by adoption and as adoptive parents and an adult adoptee, we are not only able to provide insightful assistance but also a genuine and unwavering level of support. Our experience and successful case history speak volumes about our ability to navigate the legal barriers faced during the adoption process and additional adoption-related matters.

“This might also include reading texts and monitoring social media outlets, to making decisions about what someone should wear or where they can or cannot go.” To be in a position of power is also a way abusers target their victims.

According to Bogenshutz, while sometimes the assistance and support of a parent or adult is enough to assist, more often than not, professional help is needed.

“If the abuse is severe enough, police intervention may also be warranted.

Founded as the result of our own personal adoption, our firm has been able to provide our experienced legal assistance to more than 6,000 families in cases that span nearly the entire spectrum of adoption issues.

Motivated to deliver our compassion, concern and unwavering commitment, Greenberg & Greenberg is truly a family firm like no other.

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