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Virus and Malware protection using Eset Anti-Virus Software (NOD32).E-Mail Server using VPOP3, a Windows (tm) based mail server. Operating in an area of approximately 25 mile radius from Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England.If you have a suspicious file, you can also quickly scan it with in 46 different antivirus programs at once using a website.Most antivirus programs are designed to be the single security solution for your computer.In a best case scenario, running multiple antivirus programs at once could result in degraded performance.In a worst case scenario, the programs could interfere with each other and cause system crashes.

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The key to using multiple antivirus programs is running a single antivirus as your main background protection and running another scanner occasionally – say, once a week – for a second opinion.

To get more complete detection coverage, you may want to scan your computer with additional antivirus programs while leaving a single antivirus program – such as Microsoft Security Essentials (known as Windows Defender in Windows 8) — running in the background.

The additional antivirus programs you’ll use won’t stay running in the background.

However, in practice, Virus Total will tell you what a wide variety of antivirus programs think of a file, which can help you make a more informed decision about it.

Originally supplying industrial electronic/electro-mechanical services, we now focus on IT services, offering on-site support to local businesses. Installing new networks, updating/expanding existing networks including Wi Fi.

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