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Some of these comments are disgusting Arab men do like black women they like well kempt women full stop they like woman with a nice structure not fat not skinny and who look like they take good care of themselves.jjgirljay:hi,i do not mean to discourage you,but its true.

only Arabs who married African women were those who eventually came tolive with blacks in Northern Africa, Egypt esp.

Good luck, you sounded like a very smart Igbo woman.

Actually Arabs like any other race can't be generalized Please don't listen to those who never set foot outside their country of origin and maybe have never used a passport to tell you Arab men don't date or marry black women Prophet Mohamed himself his grandmother is Hajer a black Egyptian slave One of His wives Maria the mother of his son Ibrahim was also black and Christian Mixed marriage between Arabs and blacks is dominant in places like Zanzibar Comoros Mauritania come to Saudi Arabia Qatar Kuwait where big part of the poupulation are either black or mixed Prince bandar IBn Abdul Aziz ex Saudi Arabia ambassador to the USA his mother was black Hassan King of Morocco his mother was black Sadatt Egypt President his mother was black Sultan Kabus King of The gulf state of Oman his mother was black from Tanzania My grand Mother from my mom side is black lady from Senegal married to my Grandpa who is an Arab guy Many Arabs guys find black women attractive are some of them racists ?

He speak yoruba fluently (though am igbo and teaching him the language Too. Now the issue is that it is popular knowledge that arabs don't Marry black women.

They can be very racist too and some of them see Black women only as sex objects.

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