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Note that even if the data are marked as “actual”, these data can still be revised in the future.

Check our statement on revisions to the data here:

The query file you download is a tab separated file (tsv).

If you click the option to use a comma as the decimal separator, the number 12,123.54 is saved as 12123,54 in this tsv file.

You should get to the same table but with the updated data. You are welcome to use WEO data for written work as long as you cite the publication/database accordingly.

Because forecasts are made by the individual country teams, the methodology can vary from country to country and series to series depending on many factors.

To get more information on a specific country and series forecast, you may contact the country teams directly; from the Country Info tab on the IMF website, click on a country and you will see a ”Contact Us” link on the left side. The problem is not due to the way the data is downloaded but in the way your spreadsheet program reads in the data.

In this example, for the next WEO, you will have to change 2018/01 to 2018/02.

The first four numbers represent the year of the publication.

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