Problem updating to ios 7 playfire card not updating

There is no event or other way to know that your service worker was unregistered and that the cache storage was erased. A partition is a new concept for Service Workers and it has to do with iframes.

Also, at the same time, Apple is officially deprecating App Cache. The only problem is that App Cache life cycle will stay there as the Cache Storage on other browsers, but not with Apple’s idea of the cache. If there is no cross-domain iframes in your web app, a partition if just an origin (your domain and port).

I don’t think this different vision of what a Service Worker should be is new.

At Chrome, Firefox, Samsung Internet, and other browsers, a Service Worker registration is not going to be unregistered automatically, and we can rely on being there in the future.

Apple: we need a flag for the SW :)18 months ago (one and a half years already!?

) I published “Don’t use i OS meta tags irresponsibly in your Progressive Web Apps.” Several companies such as Twitter and Flipkart took note at that time of these problems and remove the i OS meta tags or solved the issues ().

At that time the problem was that some companies were opting in through Apple meta tags for home screen support for i OS without even testing and recognizing the differences between Android’s PWAs and i OS.

I’m sorry to confirm that most problems are the same that I stated 18 months ago, with one big difference: now you don’t need to opt-in into i OS; i OS will add support for Web App Manifest, so your PWA will be an i OS PWA automatically.

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