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Is there any wonder why these patients complain of dry eyes, ocular irritation, and foreign body sensation after cataract surgery?

While aggressively treating patients for dry eye after corneal refractive sur­gery is considered standard of care, doing the same for post cataract surgery patients is far less common.

Dry-Eye Symptoms As a resident, I was taught that patients who complained of a foreign body sensation or ocular irritation after clear corneal cataract surgery were just feeling their incisions, and that with time it would resolve.

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“The fluid-based technology that Power Vision is working on represents a potential game-changer in the category with the promise to offer patients a natural, continuous range of near to far vision,” said Michael Onuscheck, global surgical franchise head, Alcon.

The fluoroquinolones have been a welcome addition to ophthalmology, but they can cause significant irritation with the ocular surface.

Ciprofloxacin has been reported to cause deposits of medication within the cornea at certain dosing intervals, and all fluoroquinolones have the ability to cause a "medicamentosa" picture, where the drug and/or its solvent cause iatrogenic tear film disruption, punctate corneal epitheliopathy, and ocular surface irritation and inflammation.

This test involves checking the visual acuity of the patient, then instilling artificial tears and immediately re-checking the visual acuity.

An immediate increase in the patient's visual acuity may signify a pre-existing insufficient tear film and therefore, suboptimal visual performance when dry.

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